Graphic Jungle

Graphic Jungle

Translucent shimmering and playful colours with overlapping, transparent effects are the key to our Graphic Jungle story. You will find lightweight natural sheers, charming linens, geometric colour-block designs, abstract painted patterns and a playful take on mixing fancy yarns in this fresh story.

GRAPHIC ML070 | 100%PES | 305 cm | 150 gr /lin.m | a striped polyester sheer on monofilament warp

Abstract forms in layered, transparent combinations

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Fresh and playful this collection plays with abstract forms in layered, transparent combinations. The story embraces the joy of saturated colours and rounded contours with a stylised, cartoon-like aesthetic. Angular patterns are contrasted with softer translucent details and colour graduations.

Graphic Jungle prints and mixed media

The patterns mimic the interplay of light and shadow, using abstract silhouettes and negative space. The recreated look of leaf and plant shadows evokes the feel of midday sun beaming thorugh trees. Digital prints enhance the high-definition and scaled up designs. Textural interest is added with mixed-media techniques combining special woven surfaces and material combinations with a variety of printing techniques.

Graphic Jungle jacquard drapery & fil coupé

A fun play with opaque and transparent surfaces, ombre-effects and Art-deco inspired abstract fantasy-motifs combined to graphic florals from this collection of artful fil-coupé and jacquard fabrics.

Graphic Jungle sheers

The contrast of transparence and opaque with a colourful mindset and material-mix add to Graphic Jungle storyline

Graphic Jungle plains and stripes

shifting colour gradients, colourful stripes and airy materials form this collection of evergreen plains.

Graphic Jungle upholstery & dual-purpose fabrics

Material mix and fun, colourful small-scale patterns form this upholstery collection.