Natural Paradise

Natural Paradise

Natural biophilic decor with faint cut·out designs and eco·print inspiration Is the key pattern direction in this story. Natural textures update this perennial trend rich with natural materials including raffia, linen and hemp. 

ECO A72-J07517

Abstract forms in layered, transparent combinations

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Natural Paradise prints and mixed media

A collection of silhouette prints and subtly etched and engraved illustrations on natural grounds. The artisan-inspired techniques skifully combine woven textural grounds and jacquards with an array of special printing method: burnout, discharge, pigment print, foil print and digital print

Natural Paradise embroidery

The emroideries add an artisanal effects to the tacticle, nature-inspired story. Intriguing effects are achieved through mixed-media techniques combining woven and printed grounds to embriodery with fancy yarns.

Natural Paradise plains and Stripes

A collenction rich with natural fibers and a hondwoven look and feel. Carefully selected novetly yarns add an authentic, textural flair. Use of unbleached linen reduces the need for chemicals and saves water resource, thus adding an important sustainaility aspect to the fabrics.

Natural Paradise jacquard drapery & fil coupé

The fill coupé designs play with flammé yarns and raffia tarns thus adding rich frined, textural geometric and floral patterns to the Eco Paradise collection.

Natural Paradise upholstery & dual-purpose fabrics

The collection of upholsteries and dual-purpose fabrics includes chunky handwoven looks rich in natural fibres.