Novel Finishes

Novel Finishes

Welcome to explore our Functional Fabrics – Healty textiles fabrics. 

The home becomes the centre of our lives more than ever in 2020. Living in a world in constant flux, customers search for meaning in the objects and textiles they surround themselves with. Pure and simple Scandinavian inspiration with minimalist plains and stripes in natural fibres is at the core of this Vanelli collection. Scandinavian design is known for its versatility and long-lasting appeal. The look continues to be popular, with the Instagram hashtag #scandinaviandesign having almost three million posts. Fussfree and then-proof, honest, sustainable materials and comfortable naturals: linen, cotton light wool and lyocell (Tencel) are the essential materials for this trend. The fabrics include additional functional well-being properties. We want to offer products which help practice self-care and take a moment of quiet.

DG182 with special finish | 100%PES I 318 cm I 120 gr/lon.m a luxuroously soft easy-care crease-free extra wide-width micro-fibre sheer

Back to new normal: watch the Healthy Textiles video on latest pure air technology.

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You can view the collection story videosmood boards and fabrics by clicking on the image. When clicking on the fabrics, you land on a detailed product page where you can zoom in to explore the details of the qualities. The technical information can be found next to each item.

Plains with novel finishes

 The concept of home comfort is increasingly important as it becomes a more multifunctional space for worksing, relaxing and socialising. A sense of well being is fostered through the use of lived-in materials and soft textures but also – more importantly – by novel finishes such as the pure air and anti-microbial finishes featured in this new Vanelli collection of fabrics with special finishes. You can find information on this innovative technology and the emerging trend in the HEALTHY TEXTILES video, Vanelli News – Healthy Textiles  and the Antimicrobial finish presentation.