Zen Cubist – Trevira

Zen Cubist - Trevira

With many new hotels and resorts adopting a climate·positive philosophy, the look and feel of sustainability is evolving for the luxury hospitality sector. The new essential hotel embraces the growing warm minimalism focusing on tactile design touchpoints.


Abstract forms in layered, transparent combinations

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The New Essential Hotel embraces the growing warm minimalism focusing on tatile design touchpoints. Travellers seek out inclusive, transparent and socially conscious travel brands and destinations that align with their beliefs. Hotel design is simplified and clarified, as travellers prioritise time outside the hotel to explore the local neighrbourhood. The capsule hotel is evolving with the growth of quick-fix nap spaces, which are addressing the increasing value consumers are placing on wellbeing. Similarly to living trends, in the hotel sector the lines between indoors and outdoors blur further.

Zen Cubist Trevira jacquard & fil coupé drapery

Curved contours and rounded silhouettes will encourage to relax, unwind and re-balance
Soft edges and comforting shapes will soften interiors for a snug sensibility. A more considered and restrained approach to pattern is conveyed through a condent use of negative space.
Thoughtful shapes and placements – Simple forms are carefully combined and placed for compositions that are simultaneously offbeat and harmonious. Soft curved features and motifs in similar tones are the key to this pattern trend.
Details are carefully considered-  Small motifs and design elements can ve carefully selected from a wide range inspiration sources, and curated to form new and cotemporary compositions. Abstract placements and collage-inspired patterns are populer as well as oversized full-width patterns.

Zen Cubist Trevira prints

geometric, abstract large-scale prints on well-draping, exclusive, natural-fibre look curtain grounds

Zen Cubist Trevira sheers

Zen Cubist Trevira drapery plains