Fantasy Illusion

Fantasy Illusion

Make a statement. Fantasy illusion taps into a sense of escapism and mystery with a dark, theatrical mood. Embrace dreamlike, otherworldly designs in these fabrics rich with mix-and-match fancy yarns, elaborate printing techniques and lush finishes. Combine punchy bright jewel hues with a nocturnal palette and metallics.

Aesthetics hover between truth and fantasy, past and present, and virtual and physical

Fantasy Illusion prints and mixed-media

The collection of refined devoré fabrics with subtle surface textures and luxurious foil print offers escapism and beauty. Pairing transparence and opacity builds contrast and illusion. The prints are rich with botanical patterning and textures inspired by minerals.

Fantasy Illusion sheers, semi-sheers, fil-coupé

Subtle satin surfaces and silky yarns add an element of glam to the sheers. Fringes, embroidery-like floral fil coupé with crush-effects and ombré surfaces. Metallic colours bring a shimmering quality to designs. 

Fantasy Illusion jacquards

Elaborate and ornamental designs offer escapism and uncommon beauty in dark times. A sense of drama and escapism is created by reaching into historical archives.

Fantasy Illusion plains, textures and stripes

The plains and textures juxtapose silky satin structures, velvety chenilles, seersucker effects and bouclé  to create dramatic surface effects and a subtle play with light and shadow. Mineral-inspired surfaces create a feeling of luxury.

Fantasy Illusion upholstery

The upholstery fabrics play with soft silky viscose chenille and three-dimensional effects. References to rich fashion fabrics bring a sense of glamour to the collection.