Hyper Fusion

Hyper Fusion

Hyper Fusion explores the power of design to boost moods and incite positivity. In this trend, joy and optimism are embraced as necessary and even rebellious against a backdrop of challenge and constraint. The collection is an overpowering mix of style and statement.

Energising the mind, body and soul through the power of design and colour

Hyper Fusion jacquards and fil coupé

The collection of jacquards is a joyfyl and rebellious fusion of ethnic richness and off-modern mix-and-match forms on natural grounds. The designs celebrate creativity and freedom that come from textile expression, and offer a supercharged take on natural and handmade themes, with a vibrant approach to craft with a  provocative spirit.

Hyper Fusion Plains, Textures, Stripes

The plains and textures feature a crafted, playful take on techniques and freedom in mixing and matching yarns and structures.

Hyper Fusion print

The prints play with inventively layered compositions of woven textures and digitally printed patterns. Creative reinterpretations of familiar motives create a feel of unexpected and challenge the line between real and digital, exploring unusual surfaces and eye-catching colour mixes.

Hyper Fusion sheers and semi-sheers

Playful digital-inspired designs and layered techniques on transparent sheer grounds create unforeseen compositions and effects that celebrate chance and freedom.

Hyper Fusion upholstery

Experimental combinations of techniques and a joyful mix of colours and textures create inspiring textures and small-scale patterns perfect for upholstery. A fusion of ethnic richness in the selection of yarns and a modern take on patterning explore the power of creativity and design to enrich the interiors and boost moods.