New Mythologies

New Mythologies

Modern Nomad – New Mythologies explores the revival of localism and the value of looking to the past to inform the future. Designs take inspiration from wild outdoorsimperfect forms and tactility. New Mythologies draws from ancient cultures and nurtures the palette of organic dyes. The colours with rich, earthly tones take inspiration from the wild outdoors. 

Tactility is key within this direction. Materials are textural and feature an untouched, raw element.

New Mythologies jacquard and fil coupé

Elements of nature created with jacquard and fil coupé, textured with bouclé and melange yarns with inspiring blends of natural fibres. Contrasting transparent and opaque as well as three-dimensional effects achieve a natural earth-worn look. 

New Mythologies sheers and semi-sheers

Contrasting transparence and opacity is emphasized with boucle-yarns with melange effects. The earthy colour palette compliments this natural story.

New Mythologies plains and stripes

Untouched rawness is embraced with trending bouclé and flamme yarns. Woven textures with contrasting yarns highlight three-dimensionality. The earthy colour palette compliments this natural story.

New Mythologies print and mixed media

Elements of nature come to life through the devoré technique on exculsive jacquard grounds highlighting textural effects and the beauty of contrasting opacity and transparence.

New Mythologies upholstery

New Mythologies upholsteries explore natural rawness and textural imperfections through use of unique yarns. Contrasting textural bouclé, soft and lustrous chenille and matte flamme and melange yarns highlight three-dimensionality and the earthy, crafted, aesthetic and hand-woven look.