Zen Trevira II

Zen Trevira II

The consept of sustainability is evolving for the luxury hospitality sector as well as in homes .We are continuing with Zen, our mindful new Trevira look, in order to meet the need of many new hotels and resorts adopting a climate·positive philosophy.  The new essential hotel embraces the growing warm minimalism focusing on tactile design touchpoints.

MN066 | 100%Trevira CS | 305cm | 115gr/mt | elegant geometric all-over patterned fil coupé sheer

Flame-retardant Trevira-fabrics with a wonderfully natural appearance

Zen Trevira II jacquard and fil coupé

Thoughtful shapes and placements – Simple forms are carefully combined and placed for compositions that are simultaneously offbeat and harmonious. Soft curved features and motifs in gradient tones are the key to this pattern trend.
Details are carefully considered-  Small motifs and design elements curated to form new and contemporary compositions. Abstract placements and collage-inspired patterns are popular as well as oversized full-width patterns complement the look.

Zen Trevira II textures, plains and stripes

 Linen and wool like melange yarn effects texturise these Trevira-fabrics with a wonderfully natural appearance and elegant drape.

Zen Trevira II sheers and semi-sheers

The Vanelli Zen collection includes Trevira sheers and semi sheers with a matte look and natural hand. Bouclé and flamme yarns add texture to these beautifully draping wide-width fabrics.

Zen Trevira II upholstery and dual purpose

Flame retardant Trevira upholstery textures with a wonderfully natural hand. The collection of Trevira upholstery will be updated with new items soon.